Monday, August 24, 2009


If we all live in the same planet, if we all fall under the same sky, doesn’t that make us all equal? “Under the same Sky” is a piece that communicates equality. For this project we used the interior packaging of wine bottle boxes combining photography and illustration.

Wine bottles come from different places and they travel all around the world just to be drank by different people, in a sense they are immigrants, like everyone of us. Why wine? We used wine as a metaphor for bringing people together and even though we all come in different packages, at the end we have the same essence.

So, we finally finished our piece a night before the show and after a week of sleepless nights, some glue and some markers we can tell you we were really happy with the result and it wasn't just the after effects of the glue and markers.

Here are some photos so you can see our process. 50 characters + weaved sky + city collage.


  1. Gracias Miss Trudy, esperamos verla en la proxima exhibicion, sabe que siempre esta muy cordialmente invitada...\)

  2. Ya al ver el proceso de creación de su obra pues me he quedado con la boca abierta ... lo miré pero no sabía como lo habían hecho ... les quedó super. Son muy creativas.