Thursday, August 20, 2009


This is the first exhibition we’ll be as a collective and we’re really excited about it!

Hacia Afuera is a public art festival in East Harlem-El Barrio. In recent years gentrification has become a reality for many of El Barrio’s residents and thus Hacia Afuera is to be used as a vehicle to reclaim the public space be it a garden, a sidewalk, or walls in celebration of its cultural diversity.

Art Exhibitions Featuring: Adrian Roman, Roberto de Jesus, a Live Painting by Manny Vega, Sarah Olson, Carlos Martinez, Heather O’Brien, Cacy Forgenie, Louis Nieves, Ale Bara & China Yon, Alex White-Mazzarella , Tara Parsons, Michael De Feo, and Daniel Cordani!

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