Thursday, April 19, 2012

543 :: GUATE + ARTE = PAZ ::

It has been long since we started a new project. This time we are back in our home country, Guatemala  and seeing how violence is the center of attention now we decided to start the project "543". A series of urban installations, through murals, exhibitions and other installations aiming to unconsciously change the way people think about urban art and at the same time giving hope and uplifting moral in our community.
The first phase of 543 was a mural in the center of the Historic Center of the Capital city, we participated as part of the project "De mi barrio a tu barrio", and painted a mural with several characters in it. The part we painted was about 3mt ht x 5mt long, there is a main character surrounded by other smaller characters communicating the message that it's ok to share your space with other individuals different from you. At the end it doesn't matter from which community you belong to or what part of the country, we are all Guatemalans and should interact with each other in harmony and peace.
Another Thing we incorporated through our mural and through every other mural along the wall was a series of birds, flying along the block and which for us signifies freedom.

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