Tuesday, January 8, 2013


"Sucks in the box", a stop motion video that explores our society, our rules, our ways of living and how each one of us goes through a lot of roads before finding ourselves.

We live in a human world full of prejudices and limitations, that lack of freedom that eats our souls and cuts our wings. Before we are born, the expectations of society are already imposed on us. Our beliefs, behaviors, colors, status and all other external influences that never care to see who we really are, who we want to be or who we want to become. We are born in a society that puts us in a box before even being born, behavioral boxes from the outside in. They feed us with rules and patterns to follow, and like a flock of sheep we follow a leader without knowing why. A society based on appearances, based on what everyone believes and thinks; And even though sometimes they are wrong, the minority will always be questioned. The ones who dare to think by themselves, the ones who dare to question the things nobody else questions, the ones who dare to look for other ways, the ones who search for freedom of individuality inside a society will always be out of order. How many people dare to really live their own lives, live their dreams? Without caring what other people might say? How many people inside this gray society dares to show their true colors? Their true self, that ME that hides inside and is oppressed by the ME that society expects. Many have forgotten that they have the power to walk the road they want to walk, that they are the conductors of their own lives, that they have the power to change things, to create happiness, to build a life with color and that the important thing about life is to live it. Life belongs to each and everyone of us and when we dare to live it, everything around us becomes better. We think too much, feel too little. Our minds have been created by default with pre-conceived lives in an artificial society which we are slaves of and very few live for their freedom. Life can be magical if we start to live it from the inside out, free, for real.
Sucks in the Box from BC Colectivo on Vimeo.

Vivimos en un mundo humano lleno de prejuicios y limitaciones, esa falta de libertad que carcome nuestras almas y corta nuestra alas. Desde antes de nacer las expectativas de la sociedad ya están impuestas. Creencia


We live in a world where we are bombarded by publicity and other communication media, teling us what to buy, what we need and how to look. Beauty standards are formed by what we see in television and magazines and day by day we loose a little bit more of our individuality and self steam. The superficial image has become now more important than our interior self and we judge people by how they look before even trying to get to know them. There are few people that pays us compliments without them being about our appearance sand the interesting thing is that when someone compliments us, we have no idea of how to react, we blush, and sometimes we even answer with something negative, "You look pretty today!" " you should have seen me yesterday, you wouldn´t have thought the same thing"

"Tirame un Piropo" is an urban installation that aims to create a positive atmosphere in the comunity through positive sayings. Imagine walking by the street and find yourself reading with something nice glued to the walls of the city. We did this project as part of the Historic Center Festival in Guatemala City. We glued 200 sayings in the most transited areas and gave 400 stickers to people walking by so they could take home or transfer it to someone else.
Vivimos en un mundo donde la publicidad y los medios de comunicación nos bombardean a diario diciéndonos que debemos comprar, que es lo que necesitamos y como debemos lucir.  Los estándares de belleza se guían por lo que vemos en la televisión y en las revistas y cada día perdemos un poco mas de nuestra individualidad y estima personal. La imagen superficial se ha vuelto ahora mas importante que nuestro interior juzgando a alguien por como luce sin siquiera tratar de conocerlos primero. Son pocas las personas que nos halagan sin que este halago tenga que ver con nuestra apariencia física y lo interesante es que cuando alguien nos halaga no sabemos como responder, nos apenamos, nos sonrojamos y a veces hasta respondemos con algo negativo: “Que bonita amaneciste hoy” “Si me hubieras visto ayer no hubieras pensado lo mismo”.

Tírame un piropo es una Instalación urbana que pretende crear una atmósfera positiva en la comunidad por medio de dichos y piropos. Imagina caminar por las calles del la ciudad y encontrarte con dichos positivos pegados en las paredes.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

543 :: GUATE + ARTE = PAZ ::

It has been long since we started a new project. This time we are back in our home country, Guatemala  and seeing how violence is the center of attention now we decided to start the project "543". A series of urban installations, through murals, exhibitions and other installations aiming to unconsciously change the way people think about urban art and at the same time giving hope and uplifting moral in our community.
The first phase of 543 was a mural in the center of the Historic Center of the Capital city, we participated as part of the project "De mi barrio a tu barrio", and painted a mural with several characters in it. The part we painted was about 3mt ht x 5mt long, there is a main character surrounded by other smaller characters communicating the message that it's ok to share your space with other individuals different from you. At the end it doesn't matter from which community you belong to or what part of the country, we are all Guatemalans and should interact with each other in harmony and peace.
Another Thing we incorporated through our mural and through every other mural along the wall was a series of birds, flying along the block and which for us signifies freedom.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


We have to keep it moving right, it has been a while since our last big piece but we finally got back together and made a new one, this is the start of our new collection "Concrete Jungle" and it plays with scenarios from New York city using the amazing photographs of Chinitas combined with my goofy characters.

After all, this city embraces all unique and weird characters and because this is our last year living here we decided to make a tribute to all the things New York city brought to our lives, for all the new things we learned and for making us better artists... and here goes some of the process, it took us a week to complete this 12"x48" piece.